Ayeyarwady Division

How to get there

You can reach the Ayeyarwady Division by car, train and boat: The Yangon-Pathein Railway has a branch at Letpadan, going across the river to Hinthada. The railroad goes down to Pathein. The motor road from Yangon passes through Nyaungdon, Pantanaw and Kyaunggon before reaching Pathein. There also is a daily steamer service between Yangon and almost all delta towns.

Places of interest

Situated on the bank of Pathein River is the capital of Ayeyarwaddy Division, 190 km west of Yangon. It is surrounded by a major rice-growing area that produce the best rice in Myanmar. The population of Pathein includes large number of Kayin and Rakhine in addition to Myanmar. Pathein is known for its lively, hand-painted umbrellas; the city itself seems to take on new life during the Vesahka festival held during the full moon of Kason, during April and May.

Is located about 40 km to the west of Pathein. Its white sand and the blue water attract the tourists to take a beach leisure. It is a very convenient drive from Yangon via Pathein taking about 5 hours. There are bungalow type resorts and hotels along the beach front with standard facilities. A wide choice of standard dining places offer fresh and reasonable sea food dishes. You can also visit the nearby fishing villages and a sand island.

It is a newly opened beach about 48 km from Pathein. This unspoilt beach stretches 15 km of white sand and blue sea. There are newly constructed bungalows with local flavour but equipped with modern facilities. Fringed with palm trees, all hotels face the beach.

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