Dear Mr. Klaus Dieter,
I am safely back in Chile after a trip to Myanmar that exceeded all my expectations…!
Thank you so much for organizing everything in such a careful and delicate way, everything worked perfectly, everything that I saw was beautiful and is dear to me.
Thank you also for that delightful lunch with you and your very nice wife and daughters! I hope you made it to your plane! The conversation was so interesting!
Mr. Ko Ko Aye was a great guide, the perfect host to welcome me, make me feel safe and at home, it was so nice to be welcomed at the airport and find that everything was so well organized! Even the money I needed, every detail taken care of.
Then I have for a change a favour to ask you…!
My guide in Bagan who was also excellent, showed me Bagan in depth, unexpected not very visited places, almost on my own… the Pagodas and then the life… he draw in the map all the places we visited, as well he wrote a list of the places we visited but that stayed in the car or with him… I would love to have that map and that list, do you think you could get hold of that and maybe have him or yourself mail that to me…? I would be so thankful!
And then thank you so much for insisting to my guide in Mandalay to take me to that reclining Budha and to see the relics, it was so. so beautiful… it was one of the most impressive moments of my trip… and at the same time more intimate…
The guide in Mandalay was nice in many ways and sort of strange in others… she was the only one who insisted in taking me to supermarkets and malls while I wanted to go to local markets! But anyway, she showed me everything, even a little village off the road, and I loved Mandalay.

And my guide in Inle lake, Mr. Sai Tay Zar was just outstanding, he was so, so nice, he showed me everything in such a delicate way, he made me know the very best of Inle Lake, with the view of someone who knows from the inside, who belongs there, and who loves his Shan State.
All the hotels were just beautiful! Specially in Yangon, Bagan and Inle Lake.
I have the dearest memories from Myanmar and its people…! Shwedangon Pagoda, Bagan, the Festival in Inle Lake… so many beautiful and extraordinary things!

Claudia G. E. Santiago, Chile.
(August 2006)Traveled to: Yangon, Bagan and Inle LakeAugust 1, 2006

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