Dear Shwe Yee & Klaus-Dieter,

We have been back at home for a week now and would like to pass on our thanks and comments for your to – if you wish – publish on your

We would like to thank you, your team and all involved for yet again another amazing holiday! As in 2008, everything went smoothly – from
our first contact to leaving Yangon! The guide used for the transfer in Yangon was very eager to tell us about the improvements in Myanmar
in the last 5 years. We found everyone to be very open, friendly and communicative whilst travelling around the country. Ngpali was everything we imagined it to be (we had private accommodation here) – jsut a shame that the tourists in the big hotels do not support the
local restaurants in the evenings – we had excellent and very cheap food! The flights all went well, despite many take-offs and landings!
The Amara Hotel in Kalaw was beautiful and so peaceful. Friendly staff, gorgeous room. Our guide her, a young lady called San Mya was the most sweetest guide ever! Her open heart and ways let us really get a picture into village life whilst trekking – we were lucky to be able to visit a wedding in one of the villages too. We loved the market in Kalaw too. Arriving in Kyaing Tong, was like arriving in another world. Our guide here D-Dee, was very knowledgable and laid back. We had 2 wonderful days out with him, trekking to various villages and meeting the locals. We loved Kyaing Tong – and the best Shan Noodle Soup ever! We were very lucky to to experience the Akha New Year Festival in the centre. What fun and how lovely to be the only tourists there in the evening!! Our time in Yangon, was unfortunately very brief – but we still managed to visit the Scott Market and take time to have tea at the roadside stands. The Burmese people are the most friendly that we have every encountered! We really hope that with the fast progress being made in Myanmar, that they manage to keep their identity and stay as genuine as they are! We look forward to returning!! =

Mr. & Mrs. Brueggemann
(Myanmar 19.12.13 – 29.12.13)

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