Dear Mrs. Shwe Yee, dear Mr. Mueller,

We have been travelling through Burma during the past 3 weeks on an individual tour organized by your travel agency.
This tour had been booked via Marco Polo Reisen in Germany.

Returned safely home just a few days ago, we don’t want to miss giving you some personal feedback on our impressions.

First of all: it was an absolutely wonderful journey, and we enjoyed it so much !

Everything was organised perfectly, accommodation was excellent, all flights (with Air Bagan) were on time and even the weather was just perfect all the
time (the latter most likely beyond your influence …).

In particular, we were absolutely satisfied with the tour guide travelling with us throughout the journey, Mr. Sai Htun Naing.
He was not only knowledgeable with regard to the places we visited, but did a great job to organise whatever was necessary.
Moreover – and we consider this to be quite important – he was a very pleasant company during this long trip, and his knowledge of the English language was excellent.

We shall certainly keep Myanmar in mind as one of the most beautiful countries we have ever seen.
Actually, it was our second journey to Burma, the first one being in 1985 already …
This time, your travel agency has contributed to our satisfaction significantly.

Furthermore, we would like to thank you for the New Year greetings and present given to us on our departure day.

All the best for the two of you and your staff for 2008 !

With best regards,
Petra Soellner + Uwe Schildt
(20.12.07 – 08.01.08)

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