Dear Shwe Yee & Klaus-Dieter Mueller

We finally found time to thank you for the perfect organization of our tour in Myanmar during the last two weeks. We really had a great time and fell in love with this country, the landscapes, the temples and above all with the people living there. We left Myanmar with exceptional good feelings. The whole tour was perfectly organized and all the guides were really nice, professional and eager to teach us a lot about the people and the culture in Myanmar. We specially enjoyed discussions with our guides Joejoe in Mandalay and with Mr. Oo in Bagan. They both were really nice and also eager to learn about Europe.

All the hotels were a good choice with nice and very helpful staff. The best one certainly was the Arthawka Hotel in Bagan.

When we will be back in Switzerland in 3 weeks, we will recommend your tours to all our friends. Hopefully a few of them will also join your tours to see the golden land, of course with the same guides.

Thanks a lot for everything and greetings from Laos
Fabian Schlittler and Annette Eugster
(22.06.11 – 30.06.11)

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