Dear Klaus Dieter and Shwe Yee:
We hope the holidays have found you well and were happy ones.
Now that things have settled down, I have a minute to thank you for the wonderful trip you had put together for us.
I don’t think we have had a more care free trip than the one in Myanmar. Our guides and drivers were terrific.
The flow of events were smooth and without a hitch. The only complaint (and is nothing to do with you)…
is getting up early in the morning and then find yourself sitting at the airport for hours because the plane is a couple of hours late.
Seriously it was a terrific vacation.

We have passed on the name of your travel agency to several people and we hope something will work out for you.
We very highly recommend Tin Aye Mar as a tour guide. She is fabulous… very knowlegeable in several different fields…
her english is very clear and easy to understand…and she speaks at a normal speed…she was our best guide.
As I said we had a great trip and Myanmar is truly a hidden jewel.
If there is ever any need for a reference or endorcement, you can count on us…and after meeting you and your wife, we consider you as friends.
It was truly a pleasure having dinner with you and meeting your wife afterwards.
Thank You again for a great trip,

Ilona B Toth
(05.11.11 – 25.11.11)

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