Street food in Myanmar

Myanmar has only recently opened for tourists. The local cuisine is original and dishes are still prepared according to the original recipe. Myanmar food was not changed to adapt to any tourist palate. You can be sure that the street food that you read here is one of the many favourites of Myanmar people among all the delicious dishes you can find in Myanmar.

The food that you find on the streets are particularly authentic and not geared towards attracting tourists. (The typical food culture reveals a lot about regions, traditions and the local people.) For this reason, it is particularly exciting to go on a culinary journey and get to know the country, which will also allow you to know the people better. This is one of the most particularly appealing points about the small food stalls located right on the roadside. Myanmar cuisine promises one thing above all: variety. Discover some of Myanmar's most delicious specialties in this article.

What is street food?

All dishes from food stalls and (vendors) that are sold on streets, (parking lots) or markets are called street food. The delicious dishes are usually offered and consumed where there is plenty of public road traffic. You can find the small, rollable shops all over Myanmar so that the vendors can move around conveniently.

Locals particularly appreciate the fresh food from the vendors. Therefore, it is not very surprising that the best culinary delights can be found right here on the roadside. Yangon is the absolute street food stronghold of Myanmar. For a culinary journey of discovery you are in good hands in the big city.

Which street food should you definitely try?

There are countless street stalls and an unimaginable amount of food to explore in Myanmar. We'll tell you what some of Myanmar’s most sought-after snacks are: You should definitely try these six dishes when you get a chance.

Barbecue - Fresh from the Grill

The most popular stalls on the streets of Myanmar are probably the barbecue vendors. Skewers made from fresh meat, fish, vegetables and corn on the cob are particularly common and a real treat. It is also a nice experience to be able to choose the meat or fish directly and then watch them prepare the fresh ingredients on the open fire.

E Kya Kway

E Kya Kway is a fried bread stick, which is often dipped into tea or coffee. Alternatively, it can be eaten with rice porridge or mohinga, the typical fish soup. They can also be stuffed with beans or eaten with condensed milk and sugar. Since it can be eaten sweet or salty, it fits the palate of most people. Usually E Kya Kway is consumed for breakfast and is considered a hearty delicacy.


Dosas are crispy fried, hearty pancakes, which is influenced from the Indian cuisine of Myanmar. The lentil batter is filled with various toppings and then served in bite-sized pieces. You can mostly choose between peppers, corn, spinach, peas, mushrooms and cauliflower. There is also a sweet and sour sauce for you to dip your delicious Dosa’s in.

Khao Sueh Thoke

The term “thoke” means salad. In the case of Khao Sueh Thoke, it translates to noodle salad and they are very special to the Myanmar cuisine. This popular dish enchants us with a combination of wheat noodles, shrimp, cabbage and carrots. They are seasoned with peanut oil, fish sauce, coriander, chilli and fresh lime. The Khao Sueh Thoke is usually served with a pickled mustard pickle soup. This warm and hearty dish can be eaten lightly or as a meal. These are also usually prepared right in front of you therefore you know every ingredient which goes in it.

Mont Lin Ya Mar

This coveted street food is a kind of hearty muffin as a snack between meals. The rice dough balls are topped with toppings made from quail eggs, spring onions, chickpeas and tomatoes. They are heated on a baking sheet, similar to a muffin tin. Then 2 halves are put together: This is why the Myanmar’s lovingly refer to them as snacks for couples or couples.


Desserts and exotic fruits are very popular in Myanmar both as street food and in tea houses. The numerous sweet treats make the hearts of those with a sweet tooth beat faster. There are so many varieties and are usually sold together. To give an example there are a lot of pudding treats and fruits such as raw mango and starfruits are turned into sour salads.

Koh Pièh

This special dessert is a savory, sweet sticky rice cake. The popular sticky rice gets a natural and subtle sweetness from the coconut it contains. It is seasoned with salt and pepper and served sprinkled with roasted sesame seeds. This creates a unique combination of a hearty snack and a sweet dessert.


In Myanmar and especially in Yangon, a visit to the countless food trucks on the roadside is very worthwhile. There you can learn more about the culture and the typical local cuisine and, by the way, try the fantastic delicacies of the country.

Discover even more typical dishes in Myanmar here.

Take your time and try different dishes: because the greatest culinary delights can be found here literally on every corner.

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