Myanmar’s intact world!

As the world’s focus has shifted onto the situation in Ukraine, we are still trying to overcome the dark shadows caused by the military coup. Myanmar (the military) wants to celebrate the Water Festival this month and is trying everything to carry out the celebrations, forcing businessmen to participate and collecting money from the population, […]

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15th anniversary

In February 2021, we had actually planned to celebrate our 15th anniversary, but we had no time to think about tourism. Even today, almost 2 months after the military coup we hardly have time to think about anything else other than the military coup and the people behind the coup threatening our lives, day after day.

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10 Typical dishes in Myanmar

Every country has its own preferences when it comes to preparing food. Myanmar’s cuisine is particularly shaped by its geographical location and the influence of the country’s numerous ethnic groups: the Myanmar’s favorite dishes could hardly be more varied. Here you can discover the 10 most common dishes that can be found throughout Myanmar. 1.

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